Mental Health begins with ME and my promise

Mental illness affects one in five Australians and this World Mental Health Day – Monday 10 October – Mental Health Australia is encouraging all Australians to make a personal promise to improve their own mental health.

It doesn’t have to be New Year to make a resolution, and making a promise is an active step in improving mental health and wellbeing.

Promise to sleep well, promise to eat well, promise to plan, to tune in, or tune out. Promise to cut back, or switch off, promise to engage with others, promise to exercise, to talk or to seek help… Making a promise can be a positive first step towards improved mental health.

Mental Health Australia CEO Frank Quinlan, says the idea of making a promise reminds people that looking after their mental health is personal, and that it starts with them.

“The promise campaign has really captured people’s interest in recent years, and to see thousands of people post their promises on our website and social media feeds, is a real step in helping improve one’s mental health,” said Mr Quinlan.

“The idea of making and sharing a promise also helps break down the stigma that still exists with mental illness. In the spirit of sharing, my mental health promise for World Mental Health Day is to keep finding quiet places amid the chaos.”

To get involved ahead of World Mental Health Day this year, and play an active role in your own mental health, make a #MentalHealthPromise at


World Mental Health Day raises public awareness about mental health issues. The day promotes open discussion of mental disorders, and investments in prevention, promotion and treatment services.