Campaign Photographers

An important part of the ‘Do you see what I see?’ campaign is the imagery, which helps to creatively send the message of shedding a positive light in breaking down stigma around mental illness. We have been privileged to work with a number of great Australian photographers who have contributed amazing images to the campaign. Please visit their websites to see more of their incredible work.

Luke Tscharke

The main image used in this year’s campaign comes from Luke Tscharke, along with several other images in the Promises. Luke is an Australian landscape and nature photographer based in Hobart, Tasmania. Originally trained as a Quality Assurance professional, he has worked for some of the world’s largest food and beverage companies to ensure the quality and integrity of their products. This same meticulous approach has been instilled into his photography, where he strives to create memorable natural landscape images from locations across Australia and other parts of the world.

“Sometimes our own minds can be our own worst enemy. The little voice inside us can turn into a monster, criticising our every move, telling us that we are worthless, hopeless and useless. In the past this has been my experience – where lofty standards approach unattainable perfectionism, and personal performance never meets unrealistic expectations. I am participating in this campaign because I would love to use my photography to inspire people. I want them to find a space where they can be free from the self destructive thoughts. They might just pick up a camera and get lost in the wonderful pursuit of photography, or visit a park and reconnect with nature. There is so much beauty in the world that can be realised if we can stop focusing on our own minds, even if for a minute.” Luke Tscharke.

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Mick Duck

Mick Duck has contributed images last year and again this year. He is a passionate landscape and travel photographer based in Sydney Australia. Mick uses unique angles and dramatic light to capture spectacular moments. Balancing extreme action with subtle details, candid moments, striking portraits and wild landscapes. Mick has worked in the travel & tourism industry for over 10 years and his passion for travel and adventure has allowed him to photograph some of Australia’s most wild and striking landscapes.

“I have myself at times had to personally deal with depression and this is one of the main reasons for getting involved in this campaign. I think that more awareness is needed in the community about mental health. This campaign is a great way increase this and get people taking about their own mental wellbeing and not feeling like they have to keep it to themselves. I have found that sharing and talking about your mental state can have such a positive effect and help you get through a tough period. I have been lucky enough to find the community group at Bondi Beach called “One Wave”. Everyone is welcome to come to the beach on Friday morning and dress in ‘Fluro’ and talk about things that they are going through or just listen, then hit the surf as sometimes ‘one wave’ is all you need.” Mick Duck

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Jason Charles Hill

Jason Charles Hill has contributed images for this year’s Promises. He is a self-taught adventure, travel & lifestyle photographer based on the East Coast of Australia. With a passion for exploring wild and off beat destinations, Jason’s Imagery can be characterised by his desire to travel, photograph & be outdoors. Inspired by the natural world, his work often focuses on elements found within nature and its connection between humans.

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Robert Lang

Robert Lang has contributed images for this year’s Promises, and recently been involved in a photo shoot for the Mentally Fit EP Men’s Wellness Campaign, profiling men’s stories in the Eyre Peninsula region.

“I love getting behind the lens and it’s then I get to see the world in a whole new way. I get a massive kick out of nature and it would easily be the driving force behind my photography. Picked up my first camera at the end of November 2008, originally as an opportunity to get some better photos of my daughter at the time. I soon found out I was taking more photos of everything else as well, and thus a completely new hobby was born much to my surprise.I taught myself through magazines, online tutorials, great friends and trial and error. Im always learning, taking on board every shoot I go on, always striving to better my craft in anyway I can. My hobby soon turned into my own business carrying out work in flora, architecture, land development, landscapes, brochure and webpage imaging, grand openings, events, children photography and more recently signing up as a Getty Images contributor.” Robert Lang.

“This is the first I have ever been open about this personal side of myself in public, only a small handful of my closest friends to date know of my long term suffering of anxiety.
When it kicks in, my body goes into a fight or flight mode and to most others that know me looking from the outside, think I am some sort of energiser bunny, the guy that runs instead of walks.
The reality for me is anxiety feels like someone shot me up with adrenaline and I feel the need to burn it off by moving or doing things rapidly.
It can kick in at the oddest of times too, even just sitting on the couch comfortably at home.
When I am back behind the lens shooting though it can all quickly disappear, my mind is pre-occupied by looking for the next frame or thinking about the next thing I want to photograph.
For me it is a private battle, that I try and beat by simple things that are within my control like removing sugar and caffeine from my diet and keeping my mind busy on tasks that interest me.
Ironically I am currently shooting a massive local project centered on men of all ages bringing awareness to battling anxiety and depression across the Eyre Peninsula region in South Australia for Mentally Fit EP.
The men I have currently photographed for the project are all amazing and inspiring people and give great hope for others out there facing their own mental health issues. ”

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